B2B Marketing Agency

Targeted Email Marketing

Target your ideal customer prospects with cold email to connect, build a relation, and converting ideal customer prospects to customers.

Direct Email Outreach

Managed Targeted Email Outreach

Targeted outreach to ideal customer profiles is a scalable way of reaching the customers you really want.

“A business is defined by the customers it keep”

We will identify the ideal customer accounts and contacts needed to set up and cold email your dream customers, and set up landing pages and case stories, needed to engage prospects

Defining & Identifying Your Ideal Customer

We help you define what your ideal customer looks like, if you haven’t already, the decision maker profile, which we use to find more prospects that fits you perfectly. With that in hand, we will find the contact details needed to contact them.

Cold Email Outreach

First step is defining a campaign for email outreach that is targeted at your ideal customer profile, the value that the campaign provides, and the magnetic content that will turn visitors into leads.

Landing Pages & Case Stories

To increase the procent of visitors to leads, we create custom landing pages that we use for constant optimizing the lead generation.

B2B cold email marketing – how we do it

Based on your current dream customers we help create a profile of your ideal customers, identify similar profile accounts, contact details of decision makers, and set up, and test conversion of cold email campaigns.

Managed Marketing Services

Experts in Growth For Manufacturers & Professional Services

We act as both a full scale marketing team for your management team or expert support as part of your marketing team.

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