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Get found on search engines and youtube through advertising to increase your lead and sales growth.

b2b ppc agency

Managed PPC Services

Managed PPC is part of our Managed Marketing Services where we offer targeted advertising for Account Based Marketing or advertising to reach your your profile of choice.

We expertly design your campaigns, landing pages, and use our reference cases to launch ahead of the curve. This smart strategy helps us deliver leads faster and it saves you money on ad spend.

Google Adwords

We create and optimize campaigns based on keywords, ad text, landing page, to improve the campaigns performance on leads and sales. Your goals are what we are being measured on, and do not get caught op in creating traffic that doesn’t deliver on the goals.

LinkedIn Ads

We help you run Account Based Marketing campaigns on LinkedIn that reach your ideal buyer and aligns with the stage of your ideal customers stage in their buyer’s journey. LinkedIn is currently the only channel that allows us to reach specific organizations and typically a successful strategy when the market is small and lifetime value per customer is high.

Social Media Advertising

We build and manage campaigns on YouTube, TikTok and Facebook, which are well performing platforms for particularly video advertising. Social media advertising is “push” advertising but depending on the size of your market we need to find the best way to reach your target segment. Constant testing helps us identify which channels to double down on and cut the rest.

Measure, Report, Optimize

You receive a weekly comprehensive performance report that shows how channels perform against goals, and the revenue generated from advertising.

PPC lead generation – how we do it

Based on your target audience, the length of your sales cycle, and average revenue per sale, we will help define the customer acquisition cost, and a profitable paid advertising strategy.

Managed Marketing Services

Experts in Growth For Manufacturers & Professional Services

We act as both a full scale marketing team for your management team or expert support as part of your marketing team.

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