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B2B Marketing Strategy

Define your path to quicker and long-term results with our insight-packed marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategy Model

The strategy process

We have spend years developing and executing B2B marketing strategies that deliver lead and revenue results for manufacturing and professional services companies. This helps you narrow in on the channel and strategies for faster results, and avoid starting your journey from ground zero.

Starting with a series of kick-off sessions, we spend time understanding your ideal customer profile, the benefits you provide and the pains you help solve, and create a strategy that works. At the end of the strategy process we present you with a plan, our findings and recommendations for your roadmap.

The Audit

Using a variety of tools and metrics, we benchmark the performance of your current digital marketing and the potential offered by your existing assets. Then we define realistic goals and targets for your inbound marketing strategy.


The ideal customer profil (ICP), decision makers (personas), the pains you help solve, and the value you provide, is all tied into “The Perfect Intro”, so the decision makers can relate.

Product Story & Magnetic Content

We define features and benefits as they relate to ICP’s top challenges, and define the case stores and testimonials that supports the value, and the magnetic content that will drive the conversion of visitors to leads.

Core-Target Focus

We create the growth map, including promotional channel focus, where it begins, optimizing for lead generation, before we move on to the next channel.

Website strategy

We create a website strategy and content structure, showing the conversion-optimised approach to your website content that is aligned with the buyer’s journey, product story, and conversion path that we recommend.

Strategy – how we do it

Marketing strategy is at the heart of our managed marketing service, which plays an important role in everything else we do and how we create results. The digital marketing strategy we create for your manufacturing or professional services company is used to improve SEO, targeted paid advertising, educate visitors, and increase lead generation for your business.

Managed Marketing Services

Growth experts for manufacturers and professional services

We act as both a full scale marketing team for your management team or expert support as part of your marketing team.

Managed Marketing Services Leadpillar