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Cold introduction e-mail series to ideal customer prospects

A Little Local Flavor Nashville's Best Food Tour
Christine Hughey

After implementing Lead Pillar’s website recommendations our sales revenue has doubled! Traffic to our website is up 10% and our conversion rate has increased from 3% to over 8%!

– Christine, Owner A Little Local Flavor, Nashville TN

A Little Local Flavour, Nashville Food Tours


Starting your own business is a challenge of juggling every single element of running a business. The founder of A Little Local Flavor, Nashville food tours, founded the business in 2018 but needed help to increase her tour bookings, so she could eventually go full-time and focus on scaling the business by not having to do everything herself.


  • On-page SEO optimization to improve organic traffic.
  • Optimization of page load speed.
  • Improvement of visitor-to-booking conversion rate.


In less than 30 days we had optimized the website for keywords, faster load speed, and generated 57% more customers and revenue.

+57% more customers and revenue

By optimizing the website information and product descriptions, we increased the share of visitors who book and pay a tour.

+20% faster load time

Visitors now spend 10% more time on the site and 57% more end up buying a tour.

The 57% increase in sales on a five digit revenue means that the founder is now finally full-time in her new business in less than 45 days after we started the optimization process. Yay!