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What Is The Customer Buying Journey?

A buying journey is the “path” that the buyer takes before making a decision to purchase a product or service. In most business-to-business purchases, or sourcing, decisions, there are multiple decision makers within the organization who represent requirements that become part of the final requirements for vendor selection.

Why Create A Buying Journey?

The Buyer Journey is the foundation of all B2B lead generation and teaching the buyer to solve their struggle to reach their desired outcome.

Once you have created the customer buying journey for your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), means that you will:

  • Have a profound insight and understanding the struggles your ICP is experiencing
  • The size, importance and priority of their main struggles
  • Have the visibility and confidence to know exactly how to guide your prospects through their buying journey and they will profoundly appreciate the much needed guidance you can provide
  • Be able to shorten the buying journey for your ICP and thus shorten your own sales cycle.
  • Have a blueprint for onboarding your new marketing, sales and customer service colleagues going forward.

With a Customer Buying Journey, you will never again be wondering what valuable content to create for your ICP.

It’s our firm belief that this process is so important that it must be performed before creating your content, videos, worksheets, etc. as you will otherwise be second guessing what is valuable to your ICP.

We recommend involving current customers that fit your ICP, sales representatives, and customer service to identify and prioritize the struggles and answers that your ICP is looking for.

Buyers Journey eBook - Lead Pillar
Buyer Journey Playbook by Lead Pillar

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For details and inspiration on creating a Buyers Journey for your ICP, please reach out and we will be happy to guide you.

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