B2B Lead Generation: How To Get Started in 4 steps

How To Create Content For Your Ideal Customer Profile


Table Of Contents How to create content for your B2B target prospects that helps them to solve their struggles and buy your service. 77% think the process of buying in B2B is hard. Your content needs to help the buyer make it easy. Gartner Content is valuable because it builds brand awareness, provides value upfront, … Read more

Reach Your Target Accounts List With LinkedIn Ads

Reach B2B Target Accounts With LinkedIn Ads

Table Of Contents This is a guide to setting up your first ad campaign. This guide will help you set up your first LinkedIn targeted ad campaign to reach your target prospect accounts that matches your ideal customer profile. There are two major requirements for B2B companies using advertising to generate visitors to your B2B … Read more

How To Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer Profile

Table Of Contents What is an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)? Think of your Ideal Customer as the customer type that – over a clearly-defined time frame – you will dedicate Sales and Marketing Resources to acquire. It is NOT a “Persona” … yet. A “Persona” are the key decision makers inside your Ideal Customer Profile’s … Read more