B2B Lead Generation

Account-Based Marketing vs Inbound Marketing [guide]

Account-Based Marketing vs Inbound Marketing Strategy [Guide]

Account-based marketing and inbound marketing have similarities in the volume of target companies that are targeted, the channels used to reach the target accounts, and the level of content personalization. Where the goal of inbound marketing is to generate “leads”, the purpose of ABM is to connect with a specific and qualified list of target … Read more

6 Important B2B Email Nurturing Flows [examples]

B2B Email Nurture Flows

Table Of Contents Guide your buyer with nurturing email sequences As a B2B professional, you may be aware that educating your buyer is a definitive way to gain more leads and conversions compared to trick marketing techniques often associated with B2C strategies. What is B2B Lead Nurturing?  Lead Nurturing is the process of growing and … Read more

Sales Velocity & How To Improve It [Guide]

How To Increase Sales Velocity

Table Of Contents What Is Sales Velocity? “Sales Velocity” is the speed by which a prospect is turned from a “Deal” (opportunity) to “Won” (a new customer or new order for an existing customer), and measured as sales value per day. The “sales velocity” is calculated using “average deal value”, sales cycle length (days), number … Read more

B2B Lead Generation – How To Get Started [GUIDE]

B2B Lead Generation – How To Get Started [GUIDE]

Table Of Contents How To Get Started With B2B Lead Generation When talking to software companies, CPA firms, or conventional service and manufacturing companies, the shared frustration is often “How to get started”. Whether you are approached by B2B marketing agencies, or reaching out themselves, you quickly get overwhelmed with “strategies” and “approaches”, and the … Read more